This is the place where we are supposed to write something really cool
to make you want to buy some shirts. The truth is, we are just a small
business run by a husband and wife who love to see people celebrate the
gift of marriage. That's really about it. Our business consists of Mark
& Sherry Sullivan and our three awesome kids! Our garage often
doubles as our shipping center and sometimes our laundry room doubles as
a warehouse. When you order from us, you will most likely end up with a
handwritten "Thank you" from one of us.

We have been blessed to have our shirts wind up in the hands of
such people as Chris and Deanna Daughtry, Kirk and Candace Cameron,
Casting Crowns, Echoing Angels, and more. We are truly blessed beyond
what we deserve.

All of us here are truly humbled that people are interested in our
shirts. If we can be of assistance in any way, please do not hesitate to
drop us a line from our contact page. God Bless.